Emotional Eating

Heidi’s Real Nutrition service offers a deeper look at the challenge many face in proper eating, diet and nutrition. By exploring the emotional roots that influence most of your food choices, Heidi can help re-boot your natural choice mechanism, reconditioning you to make healthier choices in alignment with your most authentic goals.

Some questions you and Heidi will look at:

  • What causes emotional eating?
  • Why is willpower not working in the long run?
  • How is weight management linked to your emotions?
  • What are you really hungry for?

Heidi will meet with you to delve into these questions and help you find deeper insight and resolution, leading you to better health and true fulfillment. The exploration of your emotional eating patterns will be held in a safe and sacred space. Take the next step in getting to the bottom of your emotional eating, contact Heidi today.