Supplement Selection

Heidi educates and helps clients choose a supplement program to balance deficiencies in their diet. With so many options on supermarket shelves, Heidi offers guidance about selecting the ideal supplements for your health.

Heidi often recommends a combination of FoodMatrix and Natura supplements based upon your current health and diet deficiencies. Heidi is not an employee or supplement sales person for either of these companies, but has selected these supplements after years of research and successful use by her clients. Through the right combination of these Real Food supplements, Heidi’s clients have seen dramatic changes quite in everything from high blood pressure to low bone mass, complications of diabetes, to allergies and immune dysfunction.

What are FoodMatrix® Nutrients?
FoodMatrix® Nutrients are food complexes that are recognized, absorbed and utilized by your body just like real food.

FoodMatrix® Nutrients are:

  • Up to 12 times more bioavailable.
  • Retained up to 16 times longer by the body.
  • The bioavailability is so efficient that they need only be taken in conservative amounts.

FoodMatrix® nutrients are vitamins and minerals embedded in a FoodMatrix®, without the water and the fiber. In the edible portions of our natural foods, vitamins and minerals are always found in protein complexes. They are never found as isolated pure molecules and they are never found to be embedded to other chemicals. Vitamins and minerals which are present in food are contained within a complexed matrix of proteins + lipids + enzymes + bioflavonoids + trace elements.

These FoodMatrix® nutrients are essentially foods and are recognized by the body as such. These 21st century nutrients have the nutritional components and structure of real food. The unique and outstanding feature of FoodMatrix® nutrients is the complete embedding of the micronutrients into a FoodMatrix®. This does not mean physically mixing the vitamins and minerals with proteins and other substances. Rather it involves a sophisticated “growing” process.

About FoodMatrix Supplements
Most of the countless brands of vitamins and minerals available today use isolated chemical USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) nutrients. In our modern world we have become used to the biomedical model. This model is reductionistic in its point of departure and believes that in general terms, medications and nutrients should be given as single isolated substances. Nutrients are removed from their natural environment and presented as a synthesized single chemical.

Ascorbic acid as an example, however, is never isolated in nature, but occurs in a FoodMatrix®, molecularly embedded to other food elements including bioflavonoids, proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. This food form is just what the body requires to process the nutrients. On the other hand the body has difficulty in recognizing and processing the chemically isolated forms. The digestive process requires a delivery system where nutrients are taken from the gut into serum (the blood) so that they can be utilized appropriately. The delivery system is dependent on proteins to provide the vehicle for transport. Because isolated chemicals are not embedded to protein, they are poorly absorbed and bioavailability is retarded. The absorption factor for most chemical isolates is in the area of 5% and very rarely exceeds 20%. This may be the reason that many scientists and doctors have suggested that taking large amounts of supplements is only useful for producing expensive urine.

Learn more about FoodMatrix and Natura supplements when you meet with Heidi. You may also request additional studies if you want to learn more about the science behind these supplements.