Vibrant Health Through Conscious Food Choices

Have you ever been overwhelmed by all the different diets, nutrition tips and lifestyle suggestions? It is not only that there are so many of them out there, they are also partially contradicting. If you are tired of trying another new diet, following the next “new thing, ” or don’t want to carry around extra weight any longer – you are in the right place. Heidi helps you to find an individualized plan that works for your specific body and life situation by looking at questions like:

  • How do your food choices affect your health?
  • Why do you need a customized nutrition plan?
  • How is weight management connected to your emotional body?
  • How can supplements support your diet and weight loss?

Heidi will teach and guide you through making healthy food choices and learning how maintaining a healthy weight is connected to your emotional body. Heidi can help talk through your current nutrition and weight issues and make an personalized plan to lead you to optimum health. You’ll gain knowledge as well as vitality, health and a better life. Contact Heidi now to get started.