What Heidi’s clients are saying:

As I turned 60 at the beginning of this year, I had to admit to myself that I didn’t know how to eat.  I’ve gained and lost 30 pounds several times in my life. After having experienced many years of yo-yo dieting, I wanted to find a way to eat and a relationship with food that was natural and nourishing to me.

Heidi Merker, of Heidi’s Real Nutrition, was the perfect guide. We only worked together for 3 months. But, in that time, she patiently helped me to find my personal way of eating: the foods I enjoyed, the number of meals a day that worked for me, the right balance between different categories of foods, the portions that felt good. She made suggestions, I experimented, we looked together at what worked and what didn’t. She also, with real interest, helped me to uncover the emotional basis for my emotional eating, and to find productive ways of dealing with the triggers that show up almost every day. It’s been a challenge, but I’ve done what I set out to do and I’ve never felt more alive.

Heidi has extensive experience working with people who struggle with weight and their emotions in the process. And it shows. She brings to each session just the right combination of care, respect, experience and knowledge. I knew from the very first session that I was in good hands, and that she was the right person to help me to turn my life around in this area. I’m eating the way I was meant to eat and the weight is coming off…naturally.
-Gail Frahm

Heidi Merker’s advice about my “emotional eating” has been incredibly helpful. Her approach is a gradual one that was very easy to implement. As the weeks progressed, life long attitudes and beliefs about my eating were actually changed permanently to something very healthy. Her support through this process was gentle and effective. I have much more energy since I started and, although I did not intend to lose weight, I have lost fourteen pounds. I highly recommend Heidi and her work.
-Grant Larson

I’m so happy I decided to reach out to Heidi to learn better eating habits. I am getting married this summer and before working with Heidi I would have probably done a “crash diet” to prepare for the wedding. Instead, Heidi taught me great ways to eat healthier and feel better long term. After working with Heidi for 6 weeks, I not only began losing weight, but having more energy and less stress. Thank you Heidi for giving me the tools I need to live a healthy life.

-Lauren M.
Heidi is an amazing coach.  Her sessions were filled with great insight and her guidance was compassionate and supportive.  I was able assess and address some blocks that were keeping me from something I truly wanted in my life and I am well on my way to achieving it. Thank you Heidi!

-April R.

A father wrote about Heidi´s work with his teenage daughter:

Thank you so much for the time you spent with A.  It seems like she got a lot out of it and I believe she will take it with her as she moves forward in life.  I think you had the exact right combination of tools to give her the support and guidance she needed at this juncture in her life. Thanks again!
-Steve M.
I have truly enjoyed participating in Heidi’s group sessions. I particularly enjoy the exercises she provides to assist us in clarifying our goals and blocks, and then stimulating us to take action. She also provides a safe space for each participant to share and contribute.
~Liz S.

Heidi is a wonderful coach.  She is firm and compassionate.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

Lorraine D.